Send money to Kyrgyzstan using ELQR - a convenient payment system

Nowadays, an increasing number of individuals and businesses are seeking convenient and secure methods of making payments. One of such innovative solutions is ELQR - the national payment system in Kyrgyzstan, offering secure and cost-effective transactions without additional fees.

ELQR allows users to send money from their online bank to any other bank or payment system within the country without paying extra fees. The entire process takes place through the bank's mobile application, where you simply need to scan a QR code and confirm the payment. With ELQR, you can avoid the need for using cash and simplify payment for both in-store and online purchases.

Why choose ELQR over regular interbank transfers? Firstly, ELQR offers convenience and ease of use. You no longer need to visit a physical bank branch or fill out paper documents – all processes are conducted through the mobile app. This saves you time and effort.

Additionally, ELQR does not charge extra fees for transfers, making it financially advantageous. You save money by sending and receiving payments through ELQR. This is particularly important for businesses, which can significantly reduce commission costs for mass payments.

ELQR is based on QR code technology, making the process of sending and receiving payments fast and secure. To send a payment, all you need to do is open your bank's app, select the ELQR option, and scan the recipient's QR code. After confirming the payment, the money is instantly transferred to the recipient. To receive a payment, you simply open your bank's app, display your own QR code, and allow the sender to scan it. The ease of using QR codes ensures convenience for all transaction participants.

One of the key advantages of ELQR is the absence of fees for transfers within the country. This means you won't be paying additional charges or commissions for sending or receiving money. This approach makes ELQR more financially appealing, as you save on extra costs associated with transfers. ELQR becomes an attractive and convenient way to make payments within the country.

It's important to note that currently, ELQR only supports the national currency of Kyrgyzstan - the som. The system is designed for use within the country and facilitates som transfers between different banks and payment systems. If you need to make a transfer in another currency, you should consider other financial instruments or services that offer currency conversion.

ELQR is supported by several banks and payment services in Kyrgyzstan. Among them are Mbank, RSK, Demir bank, O! Money, MegaPay, Balance KG, ELSOM, Elcard Mobile, Bank Companion, Bakai bank, and Namba One. These partners ensure a wide user coverage and convenience when using ELQR for conducting payments.

ELQR also has limitations on amounts, set by each specific bank or payment system. The maximum and minimum transfer amounts can vary. It's recommended to reach out to your bank or ELQR service provider for detailed information about specific restrictions applicable to your financial transactions.

In conclusion, ELQR represents a convenient, secure, and advantageous payment system in Kyrgyzstan. With its straightforward payment process through a mobile app, ELQR becomes an attractive choice for anyone seeking convenient and efficient ways to conduct financial operations within the country.


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